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Proper job planning is essential to safe work, prior to beginning any job, regardless of scope, the supervisor and employees must perform a Safe Plan of Action.  The Safe Plan of Action (SPA) includes a Job Hazard Analysis, Emergency Reporting Information, and Emergency Evacuation Information. 

Jobs which are considered to be potentially "High Risk" a detailed Hazard Analysis Safe Action Plan (HASAP) is performed.  The HASAP is an extremely detailed hazard analysis which is completed by the Safety Director with the client, management, and superintendent and/or foreman during the planning stage of the job.  Prior to beginning the job all actual and potential hazards are identified and the steps required to abate those hazards are identified and written into the job plan.  Prior to beginning the job all procedures identified in the HASAP must be followed.  Prior to beginning work an SPA is completed as well.

The SPA and HASAP programs were adopted by E. A. Breeden, Inc. late 2003.  The SPA and HASAP programs were in place with one of our clients who shared these programs with us.  These programs are extremely helpful in job planning and employee participation.

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