A business cannot succeed without people.  These personnel are the company management, safety, and supervisory teams.


Key Personnel


Mary Breeden – President.  Custodial Services Supervisor, Inventory, Co-Founder of EAB Babies, LLC, Executive Management of E. A. Breeden, Inc.





Edward Breeden – Vice President.  Property Management, Real Estate Division Manager, Executive Management of E. A. Breeden, Inc.



Mike Breeden – Secretary and Owner of E. A. Breeden, Inc. oversees all day-to-day operations.  Currently serving as 5th District Board of Supervisor for Rockingham County

Mike.breeden@eabreeden.com  540-289-5358 x21



Peggy Breeden – Vice President / Assistant Treasurer.  Office Management, Tax Agent, Bookkeeper, A/R & A/P Cash Receipts, Contract Officer, General Ledger, Insurance Clerk, Rental Clerk, Co-Founder of EAB Babies, LLC, Executive Management of E. A. Breeden, Inc.

Peggy.breeden@eabreeden.com  540-289-5358 x14



Danny Breeden – Treasurer.  Co-Owner and Operator of Trailblazer Auto Sales, Comptroller, Executive Management of E. A. Breeden, Inc.  BS in Social Sciences from James Madison University.

Dan.breeden@eabreeden.com  540-289-7791



Korena Breeden – Vice President / Assistant Secretary.  Office management / Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, 401K clerk, Trailblazer Auto Sales Clerk, Co-Founder of EAB Babies, LLC, Executive Management of E. A. Breeden, Inc.

Korena.breeden@eabreeden.com  540-289-5358 x11



Colby Breeden – Jr. Vice President and Facilities Maintenance Manager.  Over 15 years of experience with epoxy flooring systems, facilities maintenance and civil construction projects.

Colby.breeden@eabreeden.com  540-289-5358 x19



Kelly Voight – Jr. Vice President and Project Manager.  Over 5+ years experience.  Responsible for Merck & Co., Inc., Stonewall Plant operations.  BS in Biology from Bridgewater College.

Kelley_voight@merck.com  540-271-4211




Al Weldon – Senior Project Manager and Estimator.  35+ years construction and maintenance experience in Food Processing, Petro-Chemical and Power Plants.  Registered CWI.

Al.weldon@eabreeden.com  540-289-5358 x13





Mike O’Malley – Industrial Electrical / Mechanical Manager.  13 years experience in industrial electrical and mechanical maintenance.  Electrical experience includes distribution and power installation, lighting, instrumentation, PLC installation and programming, industrial automation and robotics technology, and data cabling.  Mechanical experience includes blueprint reading and design, fabrication, welding, machine design and installation, conveyor system implementation and installation and preventative/predictive maintenance procedures.

Virginia Electrical Journeymanship 2004
Virginia Mechancial Journeymanship 2004
Fanuc Robotics Maintenance/Programming Certification 2003
NFPA 70E Arc Flash training 2008,2009

Mike.omalley@eabreeden.com  540-289-5358 x24



James Cosgrove – QC for piping systems and Welding Manager.  30 years of experience in piping system, fabrication and installation.  14 years experience in Sanitary Pipe Inspections.  7 Years experience as a Certified Welding Inspector.  Registered CWI.

James.cosgrove@eabreeden.com  540-289-5358 x23



Ron Sites – Manger of Overhead door and Dock Equipment installations division.  Over 35 years of experience in industrial and commercial installation and maintenance of overhead doors and dock systems.  Licensed Master Electrician.  License master electrical and Arc Flash certified.

Ron.sites@eabreeden.com  540-289-5358 x26



Jerry Lawson – Insulation Manager.  Over 30 years experience of fabrication and installation of insulation systems.  Including Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Brewing and Food Processing Plants.

Jerry.lawson@eabreeden.com  540-289-5358 x20


Jennifer Myers

Jennifer Myers - Human Resources / Safety Assistant Employed since 2007.  AED/CPR Certified.  OSHA 30 and a member of Society for Human Resource Management.

Jennifer.myers@eabreeden.com  540-289-5358 x16


Daron Cox

Daron Cox - Safety Director, 7+ years experience in Construction Safety and Management.  Resposible for managing / maintaining of the Safety Program and oversees all aspects of E.A. Breeden, Inc. safety.

daron.cox@eabreeden.com  540-289-5358 x18


E.A. Breeden, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant because of race, religion, age, sex, national orgin or disability or in any manner that violates the law.

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