Dear Clients, Employees and Sub-Contractors of E. A. Breeden, Inc.,

It is our policy to provide a safe and healthy work environment for everyone that works either for or with E. A. Breeden, Inc.  A safe environment does not occur by chance.  It requires quality planning, close attention to detail and open communication between management, supervisors and employees.  Workers who notice hazards or other safety issues, or who believe that they need additional training, must notify a supervisor immediately.  Supervisors and management must address the concerns of workers and make sure that any problems are corrected in a timely manner.  Employees have a constant open line of communication directly to management and the safety department, either in person, via telephone, or through our Safe Plan of Action or Employee Suggestions programs.

Everyone at E. A. Breeden, Inc. is obligated to learn, understand and adhere to the safety requirements and standards for the work that they perform.  Through the employees own “pro-safety” attitudes and practices, employees will work in a safe manner.  This attitude is encouraged by management, supervisors and safety through constant feedback and education.  Considerable training is provided to our employees, because we believe that an educated employee is a safe employee.

Full compliance with safety policies and procedures is a prerequisite for employment at E. A. Breeden, Inc.  Failure to comply with policies and procedures may result in corrective action, including termination of employment for serious or repeated violations.

Nothing is more important to E. A. Breeden, Inc. than the safety of its employees.  Do not think that safety and health are somehow at odds with productivity and quality, in fact they go hand in hand.  Studies have shown that the safer the workplace, the productive its workers and the better its products and services.  In order to work safe we understand that our employees have to have proper planning and scheduling, this additional planning process adds to the overall efficiency of the job.  By not taking shortcuts on jobs, employees work safer and also produce better work.


Michael Breeden