Safety 1st is a common catch phrase used in the industry.

It is intended to convey the message that the first priority a company and its employees has is safety.  It is a good catch phrase, but without real action all you have is a good catch phrase.  Here at E. A. Breeden, Inc. safety actually is first, due to policies and programs that are in place, safety is part of the bidding, planning, scheduling and continually throughout the job.

Jobs which are considered particularly hazardous, e.g. confined space entries, we perform a Hazard Assessment Safe Action Plan well in advance of beginning work.  The HASAP is a detailed assessment which aids in the planning and scheduling of the job, hazards and planning is performed in advance making a job safe and efficient.  Once scheduled employees cannot start a job without first performing a safety analysis, identifying and abating all hazards. This job hazard analysis is performed by the supervisor and all employees involved with the job, once complete each person must then sign off on the analysis approving the information and procedures.  Every employee is not only granted the authority to stop any job which becomes potentially unsafe, but they are required by company policy to do so.  If an employee observes a hazard or fails to identify a hazard that employee can be held to corrective action for allowing a hazard to exist unabated.

We also perform safety training above and beyond what is required or expected.  Every employee at E. A. Breeden, Inc. attends safety training every Tuesday morning.  Employees also participate in the OSHA 10hr General Industry safety training.  Every employee receives job specific training as well as specialized training.  We work to coordinate with other businesses and organizations to bring safety training into the area which would otherwise be unavailable.

We offer OSHA 10 & 30 classes, AED/First Aid/CPR certifications and Silica training.